We are in cooperation with the following institutions.


Granting institution

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) supported this project from the very beginning on. For Novasign the investment of 1.2 m€ from the FFG was the driver to develop the technology until market readiness.


Process automation

Evon GmbH is specialized in process automation. Delivering solutions for home, traffic and industry automation the company is rapidly growing. With a strong MES system applied for different process industries Evon is the perfect partner for a modeling company like Novasign.


Process automation

Siemens and Novasign together implemented hybrid models for soft sensing on the SIPAT enviroment. As an example, these soft sensors can be used to start industion or transfection at a particular biomass concentration during cultivation processes.


Connected university

The University of Natural Ressources and Life Science in Vienna (BOKU) is the spin-off partner of Novasign. Embedded in the dedicated Spin-off center of the university Novasign could develop its technology to market readiness.

University of Ljubljana

Modeling and prototyping

Igor Škrjanc is professor of Control Engineering at the faculty of electrical engineering at the University of Ljubljana. His main research areas are adaptive, predictive, neuro-fuzzy and fuzzy adaptive control systems. The first prototype of the software was developed in Igor's lab.