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Stay informed about our latest updates

Read about our most recent topics and events, starting from social team activities, conferences we will attend, upcoming talks, planned workshops right through to our latest publications and further released scientific contributions.

Blog entries

What is currently going on inside our company? What was the last activity or event we participated in? Our blog offers the perfect opportunity to get to know us in a more relaxed way and to read about our opinion and results.

Upcoming events

We frequently attend scientific conferences to get in touch with new people, discuss ideas, broaden our horizon and to present our latest research. Have a look at all the upcoming conferences and workshops which we will attend and meet us there.

Publications and scientific contributions

We want to significantly contribute to scientific progress. Therefore, we address various ways to communicate our knowledge to the scientific community and interested people. We host webinars, contribute to magazine articles, attend interviews and publish peer-reviewed research articles.

social activity the team attended with a report in the novasign blog
novasign presenting a talk at a scientific conference
scientific peer-reviewed research articles benjamin bayer from novasign published
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