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COVID-19, home office and a new toolbox release

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Austrian government decided to minimize unnecessary human interaction. These actions will reduce the number of new infections and flattens the curve, providing enough time for the health system to cope with these new unmet challenges. Hence, Novasign also followed the call to stay home to reduce the chance of spreading the virus.

Although home office or teleworking is nothing new, dealing with this condition for all employees at the same time comes with challenges in communication and delivery. Fortunately, our size is manageable but the way we progress is quite different from what we were used to in the past.

Home office due to COVID-19 with new release of hybrid modeling software for fast bioprocess development and better process data analytics

After the effort of the last months, we are glad to release the next version of our hybrid modeling toolbox today. It was developed to built time-resolved process models to understand better how critical process parameters interfere with critical quality attributes. Together with a model-based or intensified design of experiments approach and Novasign's digital twin environment, you can significantly reduce the experimental effort in the lab while still extracting all the required information from your design space.

The current structure of the toolbox perfectly fits any upstream process from microbial, yeast to cell culture for batch, fed-batch and continuous operation mode. You can use it either as a pure non-parametric toolbox or you add process knowledge, in the parametric part, to achieve a better identification (learn more). Currently, we are also implementing downstream functionalities like TFF and SPTFF for process control within this framework. These implementations will also be available soon.

Call to action:

If you have upstream related process data and want to understand the time-resolved behavior of your process much better, download the latest freemium version (after registration), test it, track your personal modeling progress and in case of questions, get in contact with us, using the dedicated Novasign Portal.

If you are, like us, bound to your office at home and you don’t have any process data by hand but, are still curious how it works, you can download the datasets we provide you for free and start right away.

We would be glad if you could speed up your development process using our toolbox. The earlier you give us detailed feedback, the more we can develop this toolbox to your dedicated needs.

So, keep calm, stay safe and all the best you and your family, Novasign team

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