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The Hybrid Modeling Summer School 2019

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

From the 25th to the 27th of September, Novasign co-hosted the 4th hybrid modeling summer school in Lisbon, Portugal. After a very detailed introduction to hybrid modeling by Prof. Rui Oliveira and Moritz von Stosch, the 41 participants were introduced to the pre-release Novasign hybrid modeling toolbox in a two-day hands-on training. This was directed by Mark and Roger, including data preparation, modeling, and evaluation. The success and acceptance of the summer school and the toolbox are based on the participant’s opinion. That’s why we asked for their feedback:

More than 95% of the survey participants would recommend the event to their colleagues and basically everyone stated that they gained more hybrid modeling knowledge, as shown in the graph below. The majority of the participants were satisfied with the content of the lecture and see the potential of the hybrid modeling toolbox, which makes us very proud. These results are very satisfying and motivate us to continue organizing the summer school and similar events.

The 4th Hybrid Modeling Summer School and Workshop 2019

To take a look at the results of our survey, please click here.

The hybrid modeling seminar on the last day, where experts from academia and industry presented the application of hybrid modeling in their field of research, was also well received. The seminar covered different aspects of modeling in (bio)process development, data management, risk management, chemical synthesis and microelectronics (MCL). In the end, an eye-opening round table discussion about the motivation and drivers of hybrid modeling in industry 4.0 was held.

At this point, we want to congratulate the winners of our hybrid modeling challenge for efficient data pre-processing and building the models with the highest predictive power:

Novasign would like to thank all the participants for their collaboration and their constructive feedback. The feedback regarding the toolbox will be considered in future releases, to even increase the user-friendliness and customizability. Furthermore, your feedback helps us to better organize the next hybrid modeling summer school.

Roger Dalmau-Diaz and Mark Duerkop explain Hybrid Modeling in process industries and hybrid modeling toolbox

Reflecting on the event, I realized several factors shaped this summer school. It was a good possibility to share my work with the audience, but only the critical questions, feedback, and discussion made the experience great. Furthermore, the topic specificity of the event, the manageable number of participants and a well-organized evening program, including all participants from students to industry experts and professors, enabled great networking opportunities and exchange of knowledge and experiences. Last but not least, the unparalleled city of Lisbon with its beautiful beaches, open-hearted inhabitants and delicious food completed my unique, personal experience of this trip.

“The presentation and tools provided at the workshop were excellent. Are there any dates set for the 5th Hybrid modeling workshop?”

We are currently organizing the next event in Vienna and we will soon let you know when it will take place! If you want direct information, please get in contact with us.

4th Hybrid Modeling Summer School and Workshop 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal
View of Lisbon from the Tajo River

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