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Bioprocess modeling at your fingertips

The Bioprocessing 4.0 concept offers pharmaceutical companies the foundation for the digital transformation towards smart bioprocess development and biomanufacturing. This transformation requires engagement at all organizational levels and transparent, easy-to-use solutions.

Become a hybrid modeling expert

We understand our customers need to translate guidelines from regulatory authorities and concepts into individual hands-on solutions. To provide a tool that enables this, the Novasign hybrid modeling toolbox was designed with flexibility, user-friendliness and data protection in mind.

By utilizing hybrid modeling, we offer the necessary tools and support for our costumers' process experts to translate their bioprocessing knowledge into model-based solutions, such as a digital process twin, for upstream and downstream processing.

To get started right away, just register and download our hybrid modeling software for free and benefit from the various advantages we offer.


Novasign toolbox for development of hybrid models including data visualization
•	novasign hybrid modeling software saves time and money in bioprocess development

Save time and costs

The toolbox strongly reduces the number of required experiments, saving time and money. Once the model is developed, processes can be performed and optimized virtually.

The hybrid model software has a friendly user interface for building blackbox and whitebox models

User friendly

The toolbox features both, a user-friendly interface and a streamlined model setup. Prior expertise in programming or statistical modeling is not required to get started.

Novasign offers customer support via the Novasign Portal

Customer support

Adopting new technologies requires support and stakeholder engagement. The Novasign Portal allows customers to get instructions, interact with us and many more features.

Multi-user sessions and exportable models enhance knowledge management and knowledge transfer

Knowledge management

Exportable models and multi-user sessions enable efficient communication with your team members and simplify knowledge management.

•	Novasign respects your privacy and protects your bioprocess data

Data protection

Trust is the basis for every relationship and data protection is a matter of trust. Your process data and modeling results remain with you and will not leave your device.

Novasign hybrid modeling toolbox is gratis and downloadable as executable

No installation and free version

We offer the basic hybrid modeling toolbox for free as a downloadable executable file. No installation is required.

Customer Support Portal

To offer you the best user experience and customer service, we launched the Novasign Customer Support Portal

  • Create your first hybrid models by following our simple step-by-step quick guide

  • Model your process data or download our bioprocess datasets and get started right away

  • Get insight into your process and improve your modeling results

  • Actively engage with us and inform us about your experience, issues, and functionalities you would like to see in future versions of the hybrid modeling toolbox

novasign customer support portal for hybrid model software help and feedback
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